We’re going to discuss the story of Wesley Madriz. She is Los Angeles based model, beauty queen, medical professional and surprisingly for many kidney failure patient.


Wesley was diagnosed with CKD Stage 3 four years ago. As many other young ESRD patients, for Wesley the autoimmune disease ( in her case IgA Nephropathy and FSGS) was the leading causes of the renal disease and kidney failure.

Even though kidney disease awareness is growing in US, there is a lack of recourses available to detect CKD in the early stages. Kidney Disease also called “hidden disease”, since the symptoms usually unseen. Because of this Wesley’s diagnosis was unexpected and very challenging. She had no family history neither insightful knowledge about kidney nor autoimmune disease. Wasley had to learn and manage both disease at the same time. Tireless stays in and out of hospitals, while trying to make a new sustainable plan for life, failures and successes…


Wesley is known for her alway positive outlook on life. Therefor even life threatening diagnosis with kidney disease haven’t changed her attitude toward life. Actually opposite, CKD made Wesley realize that she should go after her ambitious goal pursuing modeling and beauty pageant. And she did…


Podcast: ” Kidney Health Interview” listen Wesleys’ Kidney Disease Story

In addition, Wesley believes her mental strength with the best-what-you-can-do mindset only thriving because of strong family support. For instance, Wesley is a proud daughter, sister and friend and she says her supper power is the love of people around her.


Right after CKD Stage 3 diagnosis Wesley was facing with a new realization. She wanted to pursue her dream becoming a beauty queen. Of course she was thrilled to do something powerful and beautiful. However the most impactful mission for her was to inspire others! That became Wesleys’ destiny to be a voice of motivates and force to fight. She is a true role model, teaching by example how to finding the ways to cope with sever illness and enjoy life daily.


Unfortunately Wesleys’ Kidney Disease CKD was progressing really fast and Wesley had to start peritoneal dialysis. Being now on peritoneal dialysis, she is actively involved in modeling, photoshoot and rising awareness on social media. Wesley speaks about self-love, self-care and daily experience being ESRD patient on the peritoneal dialysis on her Social Media @missnicaragua__.

Listen to Kidney Health Interview podcast to hear Wesley’s story.

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